Personal Training:::

Work with a personal trainer to set challenging fitness goals and achieve them step by step.

The LaFit personal training program offers a one-on-one personalized experience with one of our certified rockstar trainers. Whether you’re coming in for weight loss, strength training, or functional training, we’ve got just the specialist for you.

Group Training:

Train in effective, energizing and affordable groups of four to eight people. Live Fit’s Group Training classes is an affordable, highly personal, and results driven fitness program. With a max of 8 clients per session, small group personal training is a highly effective regimen. Your fitness trainer will lead your group to coach you through exercises on everything from rowers, cable system, dumbbells, functional training, core and more.


Yoga is a combination of strength, balance, and flexibility. Add a yoga class to your regimen to develop a healthier mind in addition to a healthy body. Find your inner peace

Discover various benefits of yoga, a combination of strength, balance, and flexibility.

Weight Training:

weight ttaining involves a number of repetetions, sets, tempo, excercise types and weight manipulations to cause desired increase in strength, endurance and muscle size. whether your weight training goals involve simple toning up, increase and or sustaining muscle mass. LaFit gym offers state if the art body building machines and equipments including the all important hands on training/instructing on the safest and fastest methods to achieve and sustain your desired target.

Aerobic Classes:

Good old aerobics has been around a long time for those who enjoy group workout in order to condition their cardiorespiratory system. La Fit gym offers moderate to high intensity aerobic classes everyday, Monday to Saturday between 8:00 am to 9:15 am